My name is Amanda Jean (Matchette) and I would say that I am a self-taught contemporary abstract artist, though I tend to create and explore in all types of mediums and styles.

My path to becoming an artist has certainly not been an orthodox one. While I have always loved art and playing with different mediums since I was a kiddo, like most I wanted to go to art school…“Go to school for something you can actually use, you can’t do jack squat with an art degree” my grandmother said to me when I was a young teen. And so I spent over 16 years in the business management industry pushing my desire to create to an occasional hobby. My true creative story randomly began when I was dining in a restaurant years ago. A beautiful piece of artwork on the restaurant wall silently provoked me to head to the nearest craft store, buy some painting supplies and lock myself in my room for the weekend. With plenty of cheese and wine readily available, I created my first “real” piece.

I have now shifted my life and career path towards a full focus on art and creativity.

My passion is to create work that evokes conversation and challenges personal exploration. Fascinated by the endless possibilities of artistic expression, I paint from the heart and attempt to convey intensity, strength, beauty, and tranquility with each piece. My work is entirely inspired from my everyday experiences, emotions, and conversations and my hope is that people reflect inwards as I paint about topics like love, positivity, kindness, and optimism. I am a huge believer in that art should make you feel something, and that buying art should be a positive and memorable experience.