My name is Amanda Jean (Matchette). I am a huge believer that art should make you feel something, and that buying art should be a positive and memorable experience. I create for a living, own a top-notch paint & sip brick and mortar studio (the most fun paint classes you’ll ever do! ) and now, have this unique and amazing opportunity to own and operate a new gallery in our Downtown Colorado Springs. 

I am extremely fortunate to have and thankful for my career path in the arts. It has been an incredibly difficult but rewarding journey. I am so grateful for everyone who has been with me along the way, especially my loving and supportive husband Mel, for helping make my dreams become a reality.

Now, I am working towards becoming more involved with the Colorado Springs fine art scene. I am passionate about helping make this industry more visible and established in our colorful Downtown. There are so many talented creatives here, and I want to be a part of the movement that is drawing attention towards the fabulous art coming out of our community.

In order to be a successful artist, it takes an exceptional amount of tenacity, attention to detail, and figuring out creative ways to stand out from the crowd. The trick is, you wow them with your work AND your personality, so that when patrons are ready to buy art, you are the first person they think of. 

I have dedicated my focus and career to providing a space for creatives to do this.

Opening a new gallery is a huge change, and I am terrified of failure, but I am jumping in anyways!